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Say goodbye to manual payment easy your payment process and make perfect vendor relationships with our Instant Payout API. Our fastest and secure solution allows you to make bulk payments to your vendors instantly, ensuring smooth transactions and satisfied partners.

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WaayuPay's Instant Payout API

Welcome to the forefront of financial innovation, where WaayuPay's Instant Payout API redefines the landscape of seamless transactions. Unlock the power of flexibility with payout schedules tailored to your industry and country, providing unparalleled control over fund disbursement. Experience the freedom of instant access to balances via the WaayuPay Dashboard.

Complete your payments in the fastest and safest way possible with the assistance of this API. Establish a trustworthy business and grow with us.


Effortless Fastest Vendor Payment

We are Introducing Our Instant Payout API. Are you facing issues with manual payments problem ? Check our bulk vendor payments with our Instant Payout API's. WaayuPay is an API Banking company which offers fastest payment API in India. We Help vendors to conduct lightning-fast transactions, attracting a wealth of customers and driving revenue growth. Our Bulk Payment API simplifies salary distributions, making life easier for organizations and vendors alike. Experience the future of seamless and rapid payments today.

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We are India’s Fastest API Banking company for many years. Our Platform helps you to run easy and secure business financial transactions for bulk payments. Our merchant make amazing relationship with their customer with our simple API's.

Key Features

Multiple Payout Modes


Waayupay offers diverse payout methods, ensuring flexibility and convenience for both businesses and customers.

Payment Precision


Our precision-driven payment solutions ensure accurate, timely transactions, enhancing trust and satisfaction.

End To End Payments


Experience a seamless payment journey from initiation to completion, streamlining your financial transactions.

Built To Scale


Waayupay's robust infrastructure is designed for scalability, enabling your business to grow without limitations.

Smart Reconciliation


Our intelligent reconciliation system simplifies the process, ensuring transparency and efficient financial management.

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Vendor payments refer to the funds disbursed by an organization to suppliers, service providers, or individuals in exchange for goods or services rendered. Our API enables organizations to automate and expedite the payment process, allowing vendors to receive their earnings instantly. Whether it's salaries, rewards, or any other form of disbursement, our API streamlines the payment process, providing a seamless and secure solution for both organizations and vendors.

Simply register your business, integrate our Instant Payout API, ensure compliance, and start processing payments for your vendors. It's a seamless way to offer efficient payment solutions.

Instant Payout API is a technology that allows for immediate, real-time disbursement of funds to individuals or businesses. It enables organizations to send money to vendors, employees, or other recipients instantly, enhancing efficiency and convenience in financial transactions. Bulk Payment refers to the process of making multiple payments to multiple recipients in a single batch. It's often used for tasks like paying salaries to employees, distributing bonuses, or settling invoices to multiple vendors. Bulk payment solutions streamline the process, reducing manual work and potential errors.

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